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Iron Carbonate for a Healthier Environment

SIDCO Minerals, Inc. is the continent’s premier iron carbonate (siderite) manufacturer. We mine our siderite from lenses of high-purity ore in East Texas, then distribute it to markets around the world. We’ve been producing and marketing our iron carbonate since 1962. On average, our clients have been ordering from us for over 30 years.

We take pride in being an environmentally-responsible mining partner when producing our flagship minerals – iron carbonate and iron oxide.

Iron carbonate is traditionally used in providing animals with an excellent source of iron nutrition. However, exciting research has demonstrated several other uses for iron carbonate. Today, our siderite is utilized in many applications. From keeping our sensitive waterways clean, to wastewater treatment, clean coal scavenging and enhancing plant nutrition. All these applications improve our environment for a better world and place to live.

We Serve Diverse Needs

Traditionally, the animal feed industry has been our biggest client. In recent years, however, researchers have discovered other applications for iron carbonate. With help from some of the nation’s top researchers and scientists, we’ve discovered new applications and provided siderite for everything from environmental remediation to natural resource production. We’re always eager to find new ways to serve our clients.


Siderite has high bioavailability and rich iron content, making it ideal for use in animal feed.

Soil Remediation

Iron carbonate works exceptionally well to cleanse heavy metals and other toxins from soil.

Coal Power Systems

Siderite’s unique properties make it valuable in cleaning toxic impurities in coal gasification and power generation.

VOC Remediation

Siderite neutralizes volatile organic compounds, making VOC remediation easier on land or underwater.

Heavy Metal Remediation

Environmental cleanup projects across North America rely on siderite to remove heavy metal pollution.

Plant Nutrition

Siderite’s solubility is high enough to make ferrous iron bioavailable for enhanced plant nutrition.


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